Three of the Most Comfortable Slippers in the World

After a long day at work in dress shoes, nothing could be more comfortable than putting on a comfortable pair of slippers. I am going to review three of the best slippers on the market.

1. Haflingers slippers are among the best slippers available. They are very expensive though at seventy-five dollars for the basic pair and ninety-five dollars if you want rubber soled slippers. They are made from boiled wool and are comfortable in the heat and in the cold. They also mold to the shape of your feet over time. The problem with slippers is that they tend to break down over time.

Because of the high quality of the construction, Haflingers slippers last a little longer than other brands. There are slippers for both men and women. Their AS model is primarily for indoor use, while the AT model can be used for trips to the local store. If size is an issue, most slippers will fit nine to eleven sized feet like socks are measured. Haflingers products are very pricey so you may want to opt for a product that isn’t so pricey. You can order Haflingers products from Amazon.

2.The next products for review are from Acorn. Acorn products are about half the price of Haflingers. Like Haflingers, Acorn slippers are made from boiled wool and are very comfortable. They also have rubber soles so when you walk in them, they don’t slip around and cause you to fall.

They are available through Amazon starting at eighteen dollars. Acorn slippers tend to be a little small so make sure they fit before you purchase them. Unfortunately, Acorn slippers are not machine washable so I would advise against using them outside. According to one customer review, these slippers are made in Maine, so if you want to buy American, Acorn is a fine indoor product.

LL Bean has a product called Good Moccasin. I have been wearing moccasins for years and they are much more comfortable than sneakers, dress shoes or even slippers. They are form fitting and extremely comfortable. They are made from sheep skin, not cow hide, so they will breathe easier and your feet will not become sweaty.

There is at least one product reviewer who has had her moccasins for four years and they still hold up and show no signs of wear or tear. Also available from LL Bean is Fleece Slipper Scuffs. They are made from polyester so for people who do not like to use animal based products, these would be the product of choice.


A good fitting slipper can be made from leather, boiled wool or polyester. One problem that exists with one type of slipper is called a flip flop. I have told my children on many occasions to be careful when they wear them. Flip flops have no ankle support and if you have arthritis or other joint problems, I would avoid wearing them.

Whether you are wearing an open or closed toe slipper, flip flops should only be worn at the beach. When my children were in school, the school board banished flip flops because of the danger to the children’s feet. In New Jersey, at the Powhatan Village in Westhampton, there are many vendors who hand make all types of slippers, including moccasins.

A popular slipper in colder climates are slipper boots. Because these are made specifically for outdoor use, your feet will stay very warm and not become sweaty over time. Sandal slippers are made from synthetics or rubber soles and are cushioned so your feet don’t slip out the slipper.

Whether you are purchasing slippers for indoor, outdoor or a combination of both, make sure that they are a good fit for your feet and meet any budget you have. I have purchased slippers for as little as eight dollars and have seen them at two-hundred dollars. It all depends on your individual tastes like how often you are going to wear them and where they are going to be worn.

The materials that are used can vary as well and I have observed that animal products cost more than synthetic products. If you are going to wear them for long periods, I would recommend products made from animal skin. Synthetic products tend to make feet sweaty and smelly.