Mikimoto Pearls Buying Guide

Mikimoto pearls are known to be a very high quality pearls. These are basically cultured pearls and are known to be one of the best quality pearls. They are known for its unequaled and outstanding beauty and luster. It is also renowned for its radiance. It’s usually stated that once you adorn Mikimoto pearls, you will not tend to want to wear any other sort of pearl again, as they would look quite undervalued. These pearls are highly refined when it comes to its quality. People who appreciate and are usually noticed adorning Mikimoto pearl jewelry are from the royal families of Japan Britain, Monaco’s Princess Grace and the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe also adorned it quite often.

The mikimoto pearls or its jewelry then make sure that you understand the way you should buy it. To know more details, keep reading below:

How are Mikimoto pearls formed?

The pearl forms due to the reaction of the mollusk or the oyster to an irritant which starts to invade the shell. The mollusk tries very hard to protect itself and in this process it generates a crystalline substance which is known as nacre. This way it starts to gradually build layer after layer and this way the irritant is surrounded by it. After this process takes place, the pearl is formed.

These pearls then get cultured for centuries. This does not only take place in Japan, but also in several other countries.  There are several of them which look like semispherical pearls; however they are not very coveted spherical pearls. It was principally Kokichi Mikimoto that formed a very distinctive special technique which induced oysters to gradually form round shaped pearls.

Buying the Mikimoto pearl necklace

Pearl necklaces are available in a wide array of lengths. From collar, choker, opera, to even rope like length and many more. The length of the pearl necklace will eventually depend on the age of the woman, size of the neck and body composition. Though an 18 to 24-inch pearl necklace is quite a good length to opt for and would go well on anyone. Just generally stating, the longer the length of the necklace gets, the more would it lengthen your neck.

 The “M” Mark

Jewelry that created through Mikimoto, which even includes the pearl necklaces comes with a prominent “M” mark. This is usually stamped on its setting. Make sure that you too hunt for this mark as it is a mark of high quality and guarantee.